The Seven Deadly Sins 

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First date questions:


How many walkers have you killed?

How many people have you killed?


  • Seungri: Although I am the maknae, mentally, TOP hyung is the most childish.
  • TOP: Not a child, I am a baby.


Details at Mugler Spring 2015 | PFW.

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People are just jealous of kiko because she's getting that dick that's got s net worth of $8million and the delusional fans are strugglin to find a 1 cent under the couch cushion

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Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2015 - schedule PDF


Tomorrow (October 17) is the first day of S/S 2015 Seoul Fashion Week! Expect to see lots of posts within the next few days (I’ll try not to spam them). Click on the link above to see a PDF of the scheduled shows.


Models backstage for Munsoo Kwon S/S 2015 at Seoul Fashion Week (cr: Bazaar Thailand)

141015 TOP Spotted Filming in Gangnam

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